Protecting the ATM Network with Fortinet

Published by Fortinet

Protecting a network of geographically dispersed automated teller machines (ATMs) is a key challenge of modern banking. An effective security infrastructure entails enterprise-class nextgeneration firewalls (NGFWs) at the network edge. It also includes a host-level NGFW at each ATM and an endpoint protection solution on each machine. The network needs sandboxing functionality to isolate threats and management software that streamlines security administration across widely dispersed machines. Security teams are often inclined to seek each of these solutions from different vendors. However, running an assortment of disparate point products reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of securing an ATM network’s attack surface.

What banks need is a set of solutions, as embodied in the Fortinet Security Fabric, that integrate tightly. They should share threat intelligence in real time and enable remote management of all elements of the security infrastructure.

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